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As you will notice, if you have not already, povera.com is always a work in progress. A lot of work has gone into it so far, and I sincerely believe that much more is still needed. Yet even in this unfinished, work in progress, state, I need to make it clear that I own this work.

For purposes of site ownership, please note that the names Jeremy Fowler-Lindemulder and Fugli Troll are synonymous for the purposes of all povera archives and directories.

The images and text found in the directories defined by the domain and directory names of www. povera.com, povera.topcities.com, and and all subdirectories thereof are primarily not in public domain. With the noted exception of a few minor icons, these graphics have been generated by myself, and may not be reproduced in any other public forum or for the profit of another individual without my written consent. Brief sections of less than 100 words may be quoted or single images copied for purposes of commentary giving appropriate credit to the originating source of the image or text.

Individuals or Groups wishing to utilize the content of this web site in any form not originating directly from these sites should contact me at troll@povera.com for permission.

You may browse and read freely with no constraints; I just do not wish to see my work published in any other form without my say so.

Thank You for understanding,

Jeremy Fowler-Lindemulder (a.k.a. Fugli Troll)

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