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While I have been known to crash a few smaller local faires in order to give them a hand in starting up, I really cannot make too much of a habit of it. Faire performers are a skilled and often undervalued lot, and my continued performing for free (really, at a loss - small faies produce small tips) does them a great disservice. So at some point, when a faire seems viable on its own, I simply can no longer in good conscience enable them. No offense is meant to you friendly faire coordinators. I support your efforts, but at some point all birds must leave the nest.

That being said, faire performers are a bit secretive about how much they charge for performances. There are no unions, and no one wants hurt feelings because someone cannot demand as much as someone else. So, it is a delicate subject for most. Not so much for me, because I don't care if I'm not headlining.

If you want me to play at your faire, convention, event, etc., then great. You just need to meet my more than reasonable price that simply follows this general rule:

I need a guarantee to break even for the effort.

That is it. Without considering tips (which are just plain fickle and usually cannot be counted on), please show me the courtesy of not asking that I work at a loss.

I live in Bella Vista, Arkansas. If your event is within about 250 miles, I can most likely drive it. Just take my shortest round trip drive and multiply my mileage by the standard IRS mileage reimbursement rate for the year in question. (It's the same amount used on mapquest.) The IRS does a yearly study that includes gasoline prices, average mileage, insurance rates, and automobile maintenance costs to determine what it costs a person to run an automobile. In the second half of 2024 it is 67 cents per mile. For lack of a research study team of my own, I just take their word for it.

That amount will cover getting there and performing, which I do about half the faire open hours (or more). Really, I don't get tips unless I'm performing, so I tend to do a lot of it. Plus, that's why I'm there, to perform. If you want me as a stage act, that's fine too, but I will plan to be busking in between as well. I can commute back and forth daily for smaller distances, which increases the total mileage, but If you want me on subsequent days for an event over about an hour away, I need a nearby place to stay overnight.

My camping on the ground days are behind me, but cheap hotels are just fine. If you want to provide a hotel room, then I’m set. If you want me to book one, you can let me know of one in your area, and I’ll attempt to check it out. Otherwise, I will have to just pick one that looks good and relatively inexpensive online. The point is, my base price needs to cover the cost of lodging for the event as well.

Because I have to eat anyway, I am less concerned about meals, but if you want to feed your performers, we always appreciate that as well.

The simple formula = mileage + lodging + (tips and potential sales of trade materials)

That is a simple and relatively low price if your faire is nearby. If you wish me to perform or attend your event farther afield, just refer to the simple one rule above, make me an offer, and ask me to check my calendar. I do want to be at your event, but on a teacher's salary, I just can't afford to lose money on it.
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PS: If you are a faire coordinator, and you find acts bidding lower than the above amount, I implore you to offer them recompense in excess of what they ask for to the tune of my above formula. These acts are obviously performing for the love of the art, and are hoping to make up any shortfall in tips and sales. Treat them ethically, and they will appreciate you more, and be glad to return for future venues.