This is where I help you with that ever burning question: "Hey, where can I find that?" Maybe you've heard me play, and didn't head for the hills. Or perhaps you saw an instrument that you just might be interested in... Either way... Check out my treasure trove. I once asked an artist in Santa Barbara what sort of paint he used to for the unique fashion designs he was selling. He told me that it was a secret. "If I tell you, then you can use that knowledge and compete with me," he said. I'm still annoyed when I think of his response. If you want to know what I'm using, I'll tell you. I may not always remember where I initially got it from, but with the internet, you can usually find just about anything. Here are a few suggestions...


Are you looking for my books and recordings? Well, there are often multiple ways to find them. Some are still available on Amazon, while others are just out of print. I usually have old copies of past CDs, just ask if you see me. If you are really interested in the nitty gritty, you can also ask me when you see me.

You can find many of my recordings in digital format through You can pre-listen there too. It's a semi free site. I tend to include some extra things with my collections, so you might want to read the BandCamp notes.

I also have a few things still available on CafePress, so feel free to browse.

Unicornis Ventorum:
A Tale of a Unicorn's Tail


A Celebration of the Nativity

Broadsides of a Village Idiot Savant

Mr. William Shakespears
Real Fake Book:
All the thrills without the frills

Mythtery Playing:

A Christmas Album
Bandcamp Version

Crit or Myth

Bandcamp Version

Mythtakes and Mythinterpretations
This is the previous 2 collections together


Bandcamp Version


Bandcamp Version


Bandcamp Version (only)

Playing in the Water
Bandcamp Version (only)

Huzzah Worship
Bandcamp Version (only)


All the thrills without the frills
Bandcamp Version (only)

On the Woad (again)

Bandcamp Version (only)

Il Est Ne
Bandcamp Version (only)

You may notice a loose organization to my product listing. In general, the farther down the page, the older the offering. However, books are all at the top in their own loose chronological order. In general, the older recordings are more open mic, and anything with “Myth” in the title is more studio oriented.

I began print on demand publishing online with with CafePress. Those titles included Sounds from the Village of Carlisle, Il Est Né, On the Woad, Shakespeare: All the thrills..., and Huzzah! CafePress’ original offerings included books and CDs. They spoiled me in that respect. They offered either Data CDs or Music CDs, but what they did not publicize was that they used the same process for both, so if you sent them a hybrid CD, they actually produced a hybrid CD. That was awesome. Add to that the fact that on personal bulk orders, they initially charged the same amount for a CD in a sleeve OR a CD in a jewel case with backing and booklet. I even called them on that, and they confirmed it. I don’t think that the pricing department was their strong suit. Then they started having software glitches on the interface side, and finally discontinued both books and CDs. Sigh.

So, I switched my books and CDs to a newer service that was called CreateSpace. Although they could put my Books and CDs on Amazon, they could not produce a hybrid CD. So, I had my hybrids that I made at home for faires, and the print on demand versions that were listed online without all the extra files. I managed to get all of my own titles moved to CreateSpace, and I produces Playing in the Water and Antiephemeral while I use that service.

Then CreateSpace was purchased by Amazon, and it all went downhill from there. My books transferred over, but my CDs were in limbo. They were still listed on Amazon, but I had no control over them for several years. While I did get them listed in my Amazon files after the better part of a year, I had no actual access to them in any meaningful way for several years after that. I couldn’t change the price, description, or anything.

All I got were bad links and error messages when I tried to access my own materials. Whoever the project manager was over there, they got several earfuls from me via emails. It would literally have taken one programmer an hour or two to just go in and fix the individual problems with my Amazon files that were initially caused by Amazon’s poor conveyance software. And, I believe that after a year or two of me ranting that was all it would take, someone actually did just that. I got control of my CDs back... Just in time to produce Mythinterpretations. I had already produced Mythtakes while I was waiting for them do something with my already existing CDs. New titles were possible, but the old ones were screwed up.

Shortly after I released Crit or Myth, Amazon decided to discontinue all CD production. If you have trouble locating music on CDs, it’s because Amazon is actively promoting their streaming platform by making it harder for small publishers to produce CDs on demand. First they purchased the best production house in the industry. Then they literally screwed it up. Then they purposefully tanked it.

So now, if you want physical copies of the CDs that I have produced, you sort of have to see me. As for streaming, I have several studio collections online. You can purchase the streams, or the digital files.

As for my books, I have a few on Amazon, but evidently Amazon cannot handle heavier papers, so not everything is there. Amazon is not a good production service.