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Role Playing (and the Bard)

All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,

William Shakespeare, As You Like It (Act II Scene VII)

When you see me at a faire, I am playing a role, as if in a play. The catch is, the role is that of me as myself, a pseudo-medieval bardic character. Once upon a time, many years ago, I played many roles with my friends, and we brought magic to our world a little bit at a time.

This page , then is a repository for some of that shared magic with a little bit of commentary to go with it.

AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide (First Edition, Original Cover)
Gary Gygax inspired the imaginations of an entire generation through this series of game rule books. (Don't let the cover art fool you.)

When i was a teenager, I played Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D) as much as i could. I played other games, but I always came back to that one. It has come to my attention that some of my compatriots from those days may be interested in my Dungeon Master Notes that may have survived until today. Here then are a few pieces from the first campaigns that I ran, starting back in Virginia in about 1979. (Remember I was in my teens, and we had no personal computers when I first started out... so what you find will often be typo ridden, and maybe even just dumb. I invite you to do what we did, roll with it.)

Lendow's Berkshire (c 1979) was my town. I began most of my adventures there, and my notes are just that... notes. I originally used a map from an old Judges Guild product that basically just had random maps of cities and villages to populate. I don't know where that one went, so I hastily made a fresh one that sort of makes sense.

The Burial Tomb of the Eighth Blue Wizard
(see "Fanus" below) (c 1979-80) was one of my first full length dungeon adventures. This version was in my archives, but I think I may have edited it down some years later, because I remember it being very long in its original form.

I originally wrote tomb adventure as an entry for a dungeon contest for the Judges Guild Journal. I did not know until 2013 that it had been published as the centerpiece of the Dungeoneers Journal #24 under the nonsense fantasy language title that I had initially given it, "Streik Hollous."

High School Pen and Ink picture from Trendnow's Haven

Trendnow's Haven (c 1980) was a sort of a sequel to The Burial Tomb of the Eighth Blue Wizard. I wanted to have some intelligent monsters and puzzles that would challenge the players, so I made myself a tribe of small humanoid creatures that could act and react against the players. I remember generating a couple pieces of artwork from this adventure.

The stories of the Blue Mages did not end with Trendnow's Haven, but rather sprung up briefly in many of the campaigns that I ran. They added a sort of continuity to my fantasy world. In the 1990's I wrote a couple of adventure modules for the RPGA, and one of them I patterned around some of the back story of my campaigns.

My favorite adventure from those was "Thief of Dreams." I wrote it as a challenge to write a long module for DarkCon 4 (in Oklahoma City) for their annual player of the year competition. The writing was supposed to be a competition where the best submitted adventure would be selected, but truthfully, I may have been the only submission. It was a lot of work for the time it took.

To get RPGA sanctioning, it would have to be a module that they could later take from convention to convention afterward. So I made some character generation rules for DarkCon 4 for the players there, with the understanding that the top 6 player's characters would then be submitted back to the RPGA as the official PCs for continued play of the module by other conventions.

For that module, we provided these Character Sheets with extra information and character generation rules.

More to come... as I explore my archives...