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Who is this Fugli Character?


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Who is this Fugli Character?

Fugli with Ritual
Fugli? That's just me. It's a stage name (and a pen name), but not really a nickname. My mundane name is Jeremy Fowler-Lindemulder, and at nine syllables that's a real mouthful for a lot of people. Using the name Fugli brings it down to two.

Fugli LogoThis symbol is my faire music logo. The triquetra shapes represent the trinity. The circles represent completeness (or fulfillment), and the Cross represents Christ.

I have been a musician for many years, but I really got back into it while working with Renaissance and Medieval faires
in my area. In many ways, they take me back to my childhood (no, not literally).

Then we formed a praise team at church, and music became a sort of rhythm of life. Music now feels a lot like prayer. Somewhere in there, it seems natural that I began mixing the two.... and here I have a video that offers a bit of explanation:

And so, you may find quite a lot of my music has the certain folksy quality associated with such events. I also have a couple of secular CDs and a book with just faire material on them. If you're interested, I have included them on my shopping page.

Here is a simple video rendition of me playing the first track form my Shakespeare CD. The CD track, like most of them, is a bit more elaborate in production, with an instrumental solo and vocal harmonies.

Here is a video selection of lyrics from my Broadsides Book. The "broadside tradition" dates back to even before the printing press was first created. It was a way to purchase and share music before recording technology was even possible. I the broadside concept a lot in my faire music.

This is just plain old me playing only the melody from the first track of On the Woad (again). You might recognize the tune from your hymnal.


Playing in the Water

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Il Est Né

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