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Light: A Celebration of the Nativity

CD cover for A Gift of Christmas Music
Although a few of the songs included in this collection do have their roots in some of the recordings in my other offereings, this music actually comes in in the form of a music book.

I wrote this cantata a few years back as both an exercise in musical writing, and in celebration of moving into the new church building that we had just had built. It sat around for a while after we first performed it until I pulled it out of storage over a decade later. As you might notice, the front  cover picture was used for a Christmas CD in between. (The back cover was the a shirt design at the time.)

So, if you want a Celtic Cantata, It's available on Amazon.


Playing in the Water

A Gift of Christmas Music

Huzzah Worship
Il Est Né
Il Est Né

Mythtery Playing:
A Christmas Album

A Celebration of the Nativity