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Il Est Né

Unfortunately this CD collection is no longer offered as a physical disk, except directly from me. Amazon no longer offeres this collection in their store, and it is no longer being manufactured except by me personally. Please feel free to listen to it and purchase the digital version through
Il Est Né is French for "He is Born." Yes, it's another Christmas Album, but this one is from my alter ego of Fugli, and styled medieval. So if you like Gregorian Chants, Madrigal Chamber Music, and Yuletide Feasting Skalds complete with (intentional) musical drones, you might appreciate it.

Keep in mind that most of these are based on live recordings. After all, I am a Renaissance Faire Performer... So "live" is my go to position.

For more contemporary tastes, I offer A Gift of Christmas Music.


Playing in the Water

A Gift of Christmas Music

Huzzah Worship
Il Est Né
Il Est Né

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A Christmas Album

A Celebration of the Nativity